30 Day Survey
Please use the scale: 1=Much less, 2=Less, 3=The same amount, 4=More, 5=Much more, N/A=Not applicable to me
Recognize improved disease progression in patients who have received CFTR modulation therapy.
Develop optimal treatment strategies to effectively manage patients with CF.
Apply knowledge of current clinical trial data of CFTR modulation therapy into individualized patient treatment plans.
Review updated guidelines and diagnostic strategies to effectively implement them into practice.
Please use this scale, 1=much less, 2=less, 3=the same amount, 4=more, 5 =much more, 6=n/a
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Discuss novel diagnostic strategies, updated guidelines, and the principles of precision medicine for the cystic fibrosis patient.
Analyze the improved disease progression in cystic fibrosis patients who have received CFTR modulation therapy.
Review the most current and emerging clinical trial data for CFTR modulation, as well as combination therapies, in the patient with cystic fibrosis.
Optimize your strategies to manage and monitor CFTR modulator‐treated cystic fibrosis patients.