Course Video

Part 1: Introduction

Dr Jonathan Rosenberg provides an overview of the staging and management of bladder cancer. He introduces the experts, Dr Joaquim Bellmunt and Dr Arlene Siefker-Radtke, and outlines the discussion topics.
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03:27 min

Part 2: Immunotherapy

Dr Bellmunt summarizes data presented at ASCO-GU on immunotherapies for urothelial cancer. The experts discuss long-term outcomes with immunotherapy and the role of combination therapies.
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14:08 min

Part 3: Prognostic Factors

Dr Rosenberg summarizes data presented at ASCO-GU on prognostic factors for immunotherapy outcomes. The experts discuss the relevance and utility of these factors for and in clinical practice.
12:16 min

Part 4: Targeted Therapies

Dr Siefker-Radtke summarizes data presented at ASCO-GU on therapies targeting the FGFR pathway. The experts discuss the management of patients with FGFR-altered tumors.
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12:49 min

Part 5: Final Discussion

The experts discuss the highlights from ASCO-GU 2018 on the management of patients with bladder cancer; they also provide their outlook on developments in the neoadjuvant setting and on the increasing importance of biomarkers for personalized treatment approaches.
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08:33 min