Pre-Activity Questions
Please use the scale: 1=NOT at all familiar, 2=Somewhat familiar, 3=Familiar, 4=Very familiar, 5=Expert on the subject. 6=N/A
The pivotal pathogenic AD pathway involving beta-secretase and gamma-secretase
The ongoing phase 3 trials of solanezumab, gantenerumab, and aducanumab and the ongoing phase 2 trials of crenezumab and BAN-2401
That the negative or marginal results from antiamyloid trials to date may have been caused by wrong disease stage, a heterogeneous population, limited target engagement due to ARIA-related dose restrictions, and/or only a partial effect observed with monotherapy
Potential for combination therapy with secretase inhibitors, anti-amyloid antibodies, anti-tau agents, and neuroprotective drugs
That Alzheimer’s pathology, as defined by the presence of amyloid and tau on PET probably appears approximately 10 years before the illness
That tau PET shows the presence of pathology even in younger individuals and that in normal elderly, between the ages of 65 and 85 years, the presence of tau on PET imaging correlates with worse memory performance
Please use the scale: 1=Never, 2=Not often, 3=Sometimes, 4=Often, 5=Always, 6=N/A
I stay up-to-date on the advances in biomarkers for the diagnosis of AD
I stay up-to-date on the research regarding combination treatment with both existing and emerging medications