Technical Requirements

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Technical Requirements
This website can be viewed on a PC or Mac. We recommend a minimum of:

  • PC: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows XP
  • Mac: OS X
  • 128MB RAM
  • Processor speed of 500MHz or higher
  • 800x600 color monitor
  • Video or graphics card
  • Sound card and speakers 

Various multimedia content on this website requires Windows Media Player, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft PowerPoint, Real Networks, Real One Player, and/or Flash Player software to be installed on your computer. Your web browser software must support frames to view activities that contain live webcasts. Your web browser software must be configured to accept cookies from JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser software. Your web browser software must be configured NOT to block pop-up windows from To view and print the any materials that accompany the activity, you will need software that is capable of opening a PDF file. We recommend Adobe Acrobat.

Internet Connection
This website is best viewed with a high-speed Internet connection, such as T1, cable, DSL, etc. Dial-up modem connections are supported for text and low-bandwidth multimedia; however, may not deliver smooth and continuous playback for high bandwidth multimedia.